Beste bezoeker, voor een bezoek aan WONDR Experience en Pink Beach is het tonen van een coronatoegangsbewijs en het gebruik van mondkapjes NIET VEREIST. Wij heten je van harte welkom voor een gezellige dag, tot snel!

Dear guest, the presentation of a covid pass or the use of face masks is NOT REQUIRED for a visit to WONDR Experience and Pink beach. We are excited to welcome you for a fun day, see you soon!


Our corona guidelines

WONDR is finally back! We are doing everything we can to make sure you are safe during your visit. Inside the Experience we will follow the Dutch RIVM guidelines and the ‘Going out safely together’ protocol.

Reduced capacity
– Our current maximum capacity is in accordance with the RIVM guidelines and the size of our location (1200 m2). We currently operate at 30% of our normal capacity, which means that visitors enter in much smaller groups.

Online reservation
– All tickets must be booked online in advance, so tickets cannot be bought at the door. Our online reservation system ensures we always adhere to the maximum capacity as prescribed by the RIVM guidelines.

Social distancing
– The 1.5 meter distance RIVM guideline also applies inside our Experience. Our staff is trained to ensure that visitors keep their distance and follow security protocols. Families and households are asked to keep their distance from others as a unit.

Extra hygienic measures
– Dedicated disinfection teams clean the Experience several times a day and disinfect all high-touch surfaces between groups. At night, the entire Experience is thoroughly cleaned with professional, high-quality disinfectant, as used in clinical settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other healthcare facilities.

Hand hygiene
– With 10 hand cleaning stations located throughout the Experience, visitors are urged to disinfect their hands before entering a new room. Our restrooms are well stocked with soap and our hosts carry disinfectant hand gel, so we encourage guests to make use of this.

Clean air
– We use professional HVAC ventilation systems throughout the building to ensure constant air circulation and purification inside the Experience. Fresh air is blown in from the outside all day long by large industrial fans installed on our roof.

Stay at home
– Not feeling well? Stay at home! We will reschedule your tickets without cost to another date of your choice. We hope to see you shine soon!