Let’s celebrate!

This is your time to really shine! To pull off the party everyone will be talking about for years. Celebrate your event in WONDR and create a unique Experience! A moment no one can ever forget. 

Everyone’s birthday deserves to be a moment to cherish and to have fun! A special day calls for a celebration full of glitters and giggles. Get your groove on and step into a world where it rains confetti and where you dive into marshmallows. Release your inner child in this colorful paradise, while you celebrate it with your friends. What do we want? Fun. When do we want it? Now. We got you covered with the best cake you’ve ever seen! Ready to blow out your candles? Book now >>

Babyshower / Gender Reveal

Hooray! A baby is on its way! What a better way to surprise the mom-to-be with a special day in paradise. Time for her to relax. Let’s swing in the colorful jungle, dance in Candyland and fall into the ball pit. Celebrate this little wonder with your loved ones. What better way than in the glitterful playground of WONDR? Ready to reveal the gender? Pink? Blue? Or rainbows? Whatever color you want, we’ll make it magical. Book now >>


Here comes the bride! Well, almost. First things first, the bachelorette party! Put on your party clothes and karaoke like there’s no tomorrow. Pop the champagne, shine on the happiest dancefloor and cool off with a confetti shower. Pull your besties together for one unforgettable, playful day full of disco balls. Book now >>

Kids Time Atelier Experience

There’s an artist in everyone. Be the artist you really wanna be in WONDRs creative playground. Surround yourself in all the different, crazy worlds and live your fantasy. Get your inspiration while dancing under a shining sky and cuddling the soft, pink walls. Dip your fingers into the magical, glittery slime and go nuts. Bring your magical artistical side alive at WONDR. Book now >>

Celebrate all your special, magical moments in WONDR. An Experience you won’t forget. No matter how small or big the party, we’ll make it everlasting. Our team loves to create personal, creative, and exclusive experiences that fit your wishes. 

Got your party all planned out? Great! Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us. For all events you can reach us. Time flies when you’re having fun!